2015 New Projects in Peru

The Foundation has embarked on three new projects for this year. The Childrens lands Porto Prado project in or near Iquitos is being expanded. it was started last year and has proved a big success. After extensive negotiations over the last year we have managed to get the authorities to deed to the Iquitos children an additional 4 hectares [ten acres] of forest land. This is a big advancement and will help the project which is adjacent to the Amazon river manatees rescue project. Both projects have become aan eco tourist attraction.

Two furthur projects are in the favellas of Lima: one of these is at Villa Clorinda Malaga de Prado, the other on a landfill tip without a single blade of grass. Please click the PDF symbol below to open a report and images

For those of you who are interested I attach details of a series of videos you can watch on line outlining the concept of the projects we engage in…………..

The Ann Sullivan Association is an educational organization nonprofit founded in Peru in 1979 by Liliana Mayo, Ph.D., to serve the community of people with different skills (such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or delayed development) and their families. Our own Matthiesen supported TiNi \”Land of Hope\” has helped place children to connect with themselves and with nature.

 In 2009, ANIA recognized the work of 10 children nationwide in the TiNi program, as symbols of hope for their commitment and love of nature. This video tells the story of Zinnia Gomero, one of the girls.

These videos tells the story of TiNi Chavin de Huantar in Huaraz in the highlands of Peru. This is one of the most important experiences of ANIA.