A New Harpsichord for the National Gallery, London

Following on upon the success of the Bluthner concert grand piano this Foundation in conjunction with the Orbis Pictus Foundation gifted to the National Gallery in Autumn 2016 the Foundation has now commissioned a Kirkman 1770 replica harpsichord also to be gifted to the National Gallery. The instrument will be built over the next 9 months by Mario del Grosso who has created over 80 such instruments which are being played worldwide.

The National Gallery has arranged several concerts using the new bluthner piano with great success but one of these concerts in conjunction with the ENO was of Monteverdi operatic arias. Patrick Matthiesen observed that accompanied on a piano this was a less than ideal solution and hence the offer of a baroque instrument was made. Several other institutions in London have also expressed interest in having a harpsichord.