Chambomontera [Peru] further update

In 2009-13 this Foundation sponsored and oversaw the construction and commissioning of a Micro Hydro Electric scheme. The original scheme was fraught with problems and failed and under the guidance of this Foundation was radically altered and rebuilt since which time it has functioned without flaws. The lengthy history is recorded in previous posts.

The scheme services the village of Chambomontera and its school which itself hosts education for 4 or 5 outlying villages. The scheme also subsequently was extended to bring electricity to an outlying hamlet.

At the time that Patrick Matthiesen was \’on site\’ he expressed the desire and conviction that now that there was electricity available a TV antenna must be erected to bring TV to the school. Telephony would also be desirable. Now, under the guidance of Rafael Escobar or Soluciones Pratico [Practical Action] these elements are now in place dramatically improving education and extensing the horizions of the local inhabitants.