Further music sponsorship 2019

In order to support Nafis Umerkulov’s launch CD the Foundation has hired St. John’s Smith Square for her to perform together with the Purcell School of Music’s Orchestra. A notice and programme will be posted later in the year.

The Foundation made a grant to Frances Gregory, mezzo soprano, to support her accomodation costs throughout the month of August at Weimar Opera in Germany.

The Foundation was also instrumental in arranging a grant of £1000 to the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra to support tuition of a student throughout a year.

The double manual harpsichord is progressing steadily and should be delivered to the National Gallery, London  around the end of November. Intarsio inlays and ebony have been selected for its decoration. The strings will be ordered from Fortepiano inc. in Vancouver. The soundboard and manuals are fitted and the veneering is progressing.