Music Sponsorship+ – The Organ at St Mark’s, Hamilton Terrace, London, NW8

The Foundation remains committed to the restoration of the organ at St. Mark’s Church. This was moved in the early 1950s from the chancel to the back of the church and has not had serious maintenance since. Aidan Platten, the vicar, has done wonders in renewing seals and cleaning out accumulated detritus which has made a huge difference. However, the organ needs a couple of hundred thousand for a full rebuild to its former glory. This Foundation has been involved in fund raising and as a result new humidifiers have been installed which have already made a difference. The church has found money to renew and restore two draw boxes and this Foundation will provide the wherewithall for renewal of the third box to take care of the remaining fifty per cent of the organ. Donations towards the Organ Appeal should be sent to Aidan at the Vicarage.

St Mark’s Hamilton Terrace first had a pipe organ installed on the west gallery in the 1850’s by the Organ Builders Gray and Davison. 

When the Chancel was enlarged in the 1870’s J.W. Walker and Sons was commissioned to rebuild and enlarge the instrument to a design by Frederick Bridge the then Assistant Organist of Westminster Abbey.  

With changing fashions, that organ was removed from the North Transept and rebuilt and enlarged in two cases at the west end of the church in 1950 again by J.W. Walker and Sons. It was reputed by many as one of the finest instruments in London. 

It is designed in such a way that an organist is able to play both baroque and romantic music convincingly. It is also powerful enough to lead a congregation of 900 and to accompany choral services with ease. 

This instrument is now in need of a rebuild through both age and also through an unreliable church roof.  

It remains an instrument that is exciting both to play and to hear.’