Sponsorship of a seat at the Sainsbury Theatre, RAM, London

In 2018 the Foundation sponsored a seat with a memorial plaque dedicated to the great Bach pianist, Edwin Fischer 1886-1960 in the new Susie Sainsbury theatre (see image). For 2019 the Foundation will sponsor another seat this time dedicated to the incomparable contralto so beloved by the British public, Kathleen Ferrier 1912-1953. ‘Kathleen Ferrier was (and still is) one of the world’s great singers. Her appeal transcends all ages and seemingly all generations, more so perhaps than any other singer. She died more than fifty years ago, yet she is still remembered and her voice is still heard and loved by millions around the world.’ [http://www.kathleenferrier.org.uk/index.php/biography]

This seat is dedicated next to another sponsored by our associate charity, The Orbis Pictus Trust, in memory of the supreme diva, Maria Callas. Both were vocal musicians who influenced the writer’s earliest memories of classical music as did his heros Heifetz and Fisher, mentioned above. (See the attached PDF).