The Childrens Lands/Forest/Mountain – instruction manuals free on line

As announced in October 2010 it was our intention to place the Instruction Manuals in open format on line for anyone to upload . The manuals have now been perfected illustrated with cartoons using the ANIA cartoon personality to promote ‘greeness’. The manuals themselves (3 of them) are too large for this site so I am posting the direct links so that anyone worldwide can download the ‘open’ manuals for this UNESCO approved project now adopted also in 5 countries. More are considering it.

I would like to record here my thanks to Joaquin Leguia of ANIA who has been the driving force for this project and many others we have sponsored over the last eleven years. The Manuals are avialable in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. These may be accessed on the bottom of the Foundation’s HOME PAGE

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