The Iquitos Project Childrens Land Amazonia update

The Iquitos project modelled on the plans established over the last 14 years which have won a UNESCO seal of approval is already a huge success although only conceived early this year.  Run in conjunction with CREA and ANIA and financed by The Matthiesen Foundation it is receiving 20,000 visitors annually and 8000 school children. The attached photos illustrate the project. We have already cloned a smaller sister project a half hour away. Achildren´s forest has been created in an Kukama native community, called Puerto Prado, located in Nauta, one an half hour south of Iquitos). The children´s forest extends over 12 hectares of rainforest and more than 20 children and their families actively participate in it (90% of the community) . 

The community has created a private conservation area in 100 hectares of their territory and they consider of vital importance the children´s forest “because it is the place where our children will learn how to manage our natural resources in a way that benefits us and nature”

The projects are linked to the CREA project. to protect and save the threatened Amazon river manatee. Rescued manatees will be released after treatment in conjunction with the children at the Iquitos Childrens land site.