The new Kirkman Harpsichord

In 2017 it was decided to commission a 1782 Kirkman double manual harpsichord for presentation to the London National Gallery. The builder is Mario del Grosso in Genoa, of international renown. Since there are no complete drawings for this Kirkman instrument a certain amount of research had to be carried out as there are subtle differences from a Ruckers or Tasquin. Fortuitously it was found that Huw Saunders, in London, was building a sister instrument and he has been most forthcoming and helpful with advice. 

Construction of the Kirkman started in the Spring of 2018. The accompanying PDF shows the earliest stages. At the time of writing the case and keyboards are complete and await veneering. This will be in Flame Mahogany and lacewood with ebony banding. The veneers were sourced at Capital Crispin in London and shipped to Genoa. The period brass hardware is being cast by Traditional Brassware in Warwickshire who specialise in fittings for period instruments. Further photos will follow shortly.